Independence Day Celebrations in New Delhi

Marbles in New Delhi Celebrated Independence Day TogetherAll of my childhood memories of celebrating Independence Day include watching the prime minister’s speech and the flag-hoisting ceremony on our black-and-white television early in the morning. As time slipped through my fingers, while I was engaged with my studies and then work, I hardly thought of celebrating Independence Day in a specific way. But this year, I wanted to change that. I celebrated Independence Day with my colleagues at Six Red Marbles in a unique way. I truly believe that it makes a significant difference when you are joined by a whole new bunch of enthusiasts and like-minded people. And it happened just like that.

Winners of the Independence Day Slogan Competition

As soon as I entered the office on August 14th, I was awestruck by the decorations in the office. All I could see were the three colors orange, white, and green. The HR department suggested that we should wear ethnic Indian clothing to celebrate the day. It was great to see that almost everyone turned up in ethnic wear. To make it more interesting and exciting, we organized several competitions focused on slogans, ethnic dress, quizzes, and T-shirt painting. First, we started with the slogan competition, where we were each supposed to write a slogan for Independence Day. It was a lot of fun to see everyone busy writing and competing with each other. After that, it was the T-shirt–painting competition. All the teams geared up to paint and win. It was such an amazing scene, where everyone was running with their paints and brushes, discussing what to paint and how to do it, and at the same time keeping their themes secret. I was super excited to compete with each team. The best thing was that every team painted the T-shirt so well with their theme that by the end, it was really difficult to select the best one. But more than the winning spirit, it was the participation and trying our hands at painting a T-shirt with orange, white, and green. Not only that, there was food served for the entire office. It was a truly amazing feeling to be part of it. And finally the winners were announced.

Winners of the slogan competition:

    Shani Vishwakarm (Design department)

    Nisha Garg (Print QA department)

    Rakesh Roshan (Print QA department)

Best Dressed Male: Umesh Sahoo (Composition department)

Best Dressed Female: Nisha Garg (Print QA department)

Winner of the T-shirt Competition: Design department

Designs from the Independence Day T-shirt Competition

The highlight of the day was when we all stood up to sing our national anthem. It’s truly an incredible feeling when people from different corners of India with different cultures, languages, castes, and classes sing our national anthem together with the same patriotic feeling and pride. The whole aura at that point was magnificent.

For me, it makes sense, as I think being independent is such a powerful state of your life that can define who you are. Being born in an independent India made our lives so much easier in comparison to those who were not so privileged. Being independent not only means to have a life without British rule, but it has many other connotations, too. Being independent means you are free to decide for your own life, being independent means your destiny is not in others’ hands, and moreover being independent means you are able to live a free life without the caste and class hierarchy.

Happy Independence Day!

Created by: 
Parnashree Devi